Nova Cannabis is an Alberta-born chain that is becoming a household name in the province and beyond. The chain is part of Edmonton’s Alcanna family of retail stores, a company with a quarter-century experience who is also behind Liquor Depot, Wine & Beyond, and Ace Liquor outlets.

Jesse Milns/LeaflyThe Meadows location is one of eight stores currently operating in Alberta but it won’t be the last. Expansion plans are underway and the brand has already opened an Ontario outlet on Toronto’s trendy Queen West.
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Quick Hit
Situated smack dab in the middle of a busy southeast Edmonton shopping plaza, this cannabis store streamlines the cannabis buying experience by implementing an easy-to-follow system that offers detailed information about strains and products in store.
A reflective coating obscures the view from outside the store but once inside it casts colourful light throughout.
Jesse Milns/LeaflyHerringbone wood floors and wood panelled ceilings provide warmth in an otherwise sleek, open concept space. A customer service counter positioned along the back wall is populated by friendly staff who look over the room and are eager to assist in making selections.
The store is spacious with glass cabinets housing accessories at its core while postcards providing specifics about each product line the walls and are organized by cultivar (sativa, indica, hybrid) or product type (oils, capsules, prerolls).
Customer Service
Jesse Milns/LeaflyStaff greet visitors upon entering the store and can direct customers towards product postcards which offer detailed information about cannabinoid content (THC and CBD), traits, and prices.

Once selections are made, a Nova team member can place orders digitally on tablets for products to be picked from the vault and then collected at the customer service counter for purchase.
Jesse Milns/LeaflyTo ensure accuracy, staff will review each purchased product before placing items in a bag and customers are asked to stamp their receipts to verify that their order is correct.
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Products & Pricing
Jesse Milns/LeaflyThere are a few cannabis packages on display behind glass in store, but bud samples are not displayed anywhere. Selections are made, mainly, from the information provided on the aforementioned postcards or from printed menus that offer an easy overview of the store inventory.
The vast selection aims to represent as much as possible from the provincial wholesaler, the ALGC. Find value-priced options like Trailblazer prerolls alongside a roster of dried flower options from major LPs like Tweed, San Rafael, and many more.
Jesse Milns/LeaflyAside from cannabis, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and other ancillary items for sale, Alberta-brands feature prominently. Check out bongs from BRNT or glass pipes from Aurora.
What You Should Know
This location has ample parking outside and is wheelchair accessible. It’s just off the highway in a major shopping plaza so it’s easy to get to and visit amidst the rest of your errands.
Don’t forget to bring ID as anyone who appears younger than 25 should expect to be carded. Bring your empty containers too. Nova’s recycling program collects packaging to be diverted from landfills.
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